Ebook: Top Inspiring Women in the Movies



Discover how movies can help you:
• Unleash your confidence & courage
• Develop a leadership mindset
• Re-ignite your passion & perseverance
• Increase resilience for managing depression or difficult times
• Activate your indestructible optimism

Highlights of this eBook:
• Easy-to-use tips for increasing confidence, resilience, leadership mindset & indestructible optimism
• Inspiring quotes from real-life women featured in movies e.g. Erin Brockovich, Julia Child, Joy Mangano
• Hyperlinks to online articles and movie trailers

Discover how inspiring women in the movies can help bring out your inner strengths and potential! This book features 15 movie recommendations, personal success stories and easy-to-use tips to empower you when faced with adversities or depression. Movies like Erin Brockovich, Julie & Julia, Mary Kom and Joy have the power to activate your leadership mindset and indestructible optimism at work and in life!

Each of the 15 films featured is a write-up of a personal story originally published on the award-winning blog and online diary, “Movies that Motivate: The Adventures of Motivatorman!” written by Emmanuel Lopez, Motivational Speaker and Movie Blogger. The women heroes highlighted in this book helped him maintain a leadership mindset while dealing with clinical depression and other life and work challenges. Emmanuel believes his story and movie recommendations can helps others overcome their own challenges and see deeper value in the films they love.

What People Are Saying:

“In his latest e-book Top Inspiring Women in the Movies, Emmanuel gives great examples of strong female role models which can serve to inspire and motivate women of all ages. Role models are a powerful source of confidence building for women and I congratulate Emmanuel on his excellent choices! And if you want to inspire young women to succeed and live their best life, this book provides great examples.”  
Louisa Jewell, Founder & President, Canadian Positive Psychology Association

“I recommend reading Top Inspiring Women in the Movies and listening to the author Emmanuel Lopez’s talks on the subject. It particularly focuses on how the role of female characters in films challenges gender barriers in society and influences individual and collective empowerment among men and women. His work will touch many readers and movie lovers.”  
Dr Samita Nandy, Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)

“This is a genuinely inspiring read! The tools and insights that Emmanuel shares in ‘Top Inspiring Women in the Movies’ reminds us of the power of film to act as a catalyst for learning and change. Emmanuel beautifully ties in his own personal mental health experiences and in his openness and optimism moves and motivates the reader!”
Natalie Daley, Director, Art With Impact Canada

About the Author
Emmanuel Lopez aka Motivatorman is a Motivational Speaker, Author and an award-winning Illustrator and Movie Blogger. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Globe & Mail and CBC Radio. His movie blog has been featured in The Washington Post and has been quoted by Disney in ads of a major motion picture. Emmanuel works with organizations to inspire resilience, team spirit and indestructible optimism through empowering life lessons found in the movies.

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